Reviews for "The Forgotten Legion"

been awhile since my last review but this one hella deserves it
not many cons to this flash so ill start with the pros:
1: incredible quality. this doesn't necessarily directly apply to the graphics the voice's where stunning and well played each person made unique and the fight scene was for lack of words bad ass. the 3d effect you threw in i've seen it tried and i've seen it fail but this was perfect youve outdone yourself.
2: the plot line i can see some similarities between this and dead space but this in my opinion is a completely different spin. you may have used it a a jumping board but you took it to an all new level. if you got your inspiration to start from dead space more power to you! something of this nature could easily become a new Madness series.
3: the subtle differences. you have like 10-15 marines maybe like 6 or so being your general expendable "mook" but the rest of your characters stands out even in the smallest of ways. ashton for example with the spade on his helmet, or the one guy with the red visor vs the normal green. these are characters that while they stand out they dont so much as to give you a sense that they are a hero or protagonist in essence lack of plot armor making them vulnerable. im curious to see how these in between mook/hero characters will play out while on the other hand each character has their own unique weapon whether they look like a rifle, smg, or laza gun
4: consistently engaging. this flash keeps the person pulled in waiting for whats next you use the art of suspense alive through out the few minutes you used here. i was constantly waiting for something to jump out and claw someones face off
5:lastly relateable and intelligent characters. some of these guys before getting off the ship are looking at photos and momentous likely from loved ones who where aboard this station its interesting to see what kind of connections we will make in addition sarge is smart quick and gets shit done. so often in the movies you see a big player saying "hey something huge and scary moved behind that bush lets check it out!" and your left saying aloud "WTF MAN! get some common sense dont go near the hat shit!" your characters portray intelligence in decision making and i very much appreciate that in a flash

As for cons ?
well i think it is obvious to every one... and it is no doubt obvious to you

i always finish my comments with good luck and keep up the work but i know you will do this already so it would just be redundant. i will say though that this series holds amazing potential and that i URGE you to not rush it and work hard at it. Quality i think is what makes this stand out. cant wait to see what episode 2 holds for us!
thank you and i think i can safely say as extension thank you from all of us at NG

I enjoyed it alot, only issue is that there are some preditcable kind of cliche moments but it does work with the story well.

whens iz parts 2

People complaining it took 2 years, yet they ignore what you've put infront of them. The story line was great(even if people compare it to dead space, your version would make a wicked game :p) and I felt a connection to your characters.. until I saw their blood =/ Awesome story, I like the sounds you used but the animation/artwork could be better although theres a lot of things going on in this and there are many scenes so I'm not complaining about any of that. Very good job :)

This is a really good animation, however, it's quality seems poor, seeming as though it was 2 years in the making.

There are points that feel slow and take up more time than needed. I saw this in the opening scene, and various other scenes. Also, the monsters didn't feel very frightening. They could easily kill their prey, and could shoot darts from their hands, yes, but, the monsters' appearance weren't scary in the least. Also, they felt somewhat unoriginal.

However, the story is very intriguing, and, for a stick-figure movie, this is highly detailed. I'm sure the next part will be worth the wait.