Reviews for "The Forgotten Legion"

Really interesting plot you have going here. While we're given not much on any of the main characters, the plot is really easy to follow and understand whats going on. This reminds me alot of Dead Space and Aliens the movie. In fact, this is playing so far exactly how Dead Space starts off, though of course thats not a bad thing. Lots of dark music and the way you detailed the backgrounds gave this a real dark feel to the movie! So I do see some plot developement in progress and I'm excited to see part 2! Other then the plot, animation was pretty good. Not the best of course, but with voice acting, sound effects and the obvious work and length of this movie shows. I hope you continue to strive for improvement in episode 2 and I'll be gladly waiting!

Pretty good, reminds me of Castle.
But anyway, keep up man!

Decent voice acting. Most of the animation was great, minus the stick figures. I realize is hard to draw human forms and stick people are a quick way to animate. The Si - Fi aspects were very good. Tech drawings of mechanical equip was interesting and the lizard was cool looking. My only real complaint is the stick figures. But considering I can't draw for crap myself that is not a big point. I look forward to more of this show and hope as time goes on you continue to improve. 4 vote with 3.5 stars because I want to see it continue but I can't honestly give it a firewall 5 until it improves a little. Best of luck looking forward to more.

The cliffhangers tho.
The suspense... It hurts.

But omg man that was everything I was expecting it to be. I could tell a lot of work went into it, and it was worth the wait.

Superb job man.