Reviews for "The Forgotten Legion"

You've got me in the story ! Go on !

I loved the video! The dialogue was good and the animation was well done although I was expecting a different creature oh well, good job on the vid looking forward to part 2.

Characters, dialogue and plot all very cliche, but the suspense-building was done well.

Also, you could have at least mentioned that this was inspired by "Aliens" and "Dead Space."

I feel like watch the stick version of DOOM!! Cool!! Can't wait for the next episode!!

very good, the only things i would like as an improvement would be a lil better flow of the animation, and honestly i would be willing to take a small sacrifice in quality for this, example a Bugatti might look nice but no one is gonna buy one if it shift timing is off lol, and the voice quality, it sounds a little muffled and unrealistic