Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

haha, epic oldschoolstyle! thats what i searched for. thumbs up!

Haven't even finished it yet, but I love it. I like the way the game plays, the music, the everything almost. What I also really love is the way you basicly can't go game over, but if you die, you can choose to lose all your score and continue, or upload your score and start over. I think this is a very usefull system.

This game is fun, hard, and really good. I like it.

Addicting old school game! Good work.

I also like pixel-games because I used to play Gameboy Color when I was a kid.. Wait. I still do play it when I m ill. ^^

But I liked the game a lot and I liked it that you actually did create there a plot also and told us why is the guy in weirdo forest because some people just create game whit out a plot/story. Its annoying because then I start wondering "why this and that happened..?"
Also I liked game textures. They were cute and pixelish. + I never tough mushrooms could be dangerious. Epic game!