Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

After you get to the part with the shooting big Pink mushrooms... The game gets so much harder.. It's a great game, however (:

How is that possible a game like that to be 'Featured' and so many awesome games to have 3.20 - 3.40 stars. I can't believe this is real. Somebody is really manipulating the whole system. I even expect this comment to be deleted in few hours. It sucks!!

amidos2006 responds:

It's obvious that you don't like that game and this doesn't mean that this game sucks and don't deserve a feature and all people hate it like u did.

Btw this game score is around 4

I found the game very enjoyable. It's hard, no doubt about it, but that's part of its charm. Still, there are some flaws.

Notably, my biggest complaint is the lack of a choice to increase Speed. In my opinion, Speed is the largest determination of whether or not you can win. I have been completely unable to beat the game with anyone with less than a fast speed. Normal speed can let me get to the gray mushrooms, but I still lose eventually. Even Sarah is easier to use because of her speed. Slow speed characters are a joke.

Further, having low attack is a pain in the ass. It's doable, don't get me wrong, but it's so very annoying that it's almost not worth it. Health is negotiable, but attack, and especially attack? Very important.

One thing I found amusing is that having max Luck makes it so that there are essentially three boxes on the screen at all points in time. The final boss was a joke because I constantly had a shield.

My suggestions would be: make a way to increase speed; up the uselessness of low attack; put some characters in there that have no low traits, or maybe two good traits. I would love to play a high Attack, high Speed, low Health character. It would be a blast.

So besides the fact that the last boss can barely be touched without having a force field, and if your gonna let the bad guys shots go through the rocks, so should the main character's, this game is... ok.... but definitely flawed.

The game is good, is very hard and i love the graphics, but the only way to past some levels is reseting my score and continue.