Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

I had a lot of fun killing all those annoying mushrooms, even though it was a little bit repetitive. The different endings are quite entertaining and you had me at the ending of Notch and Terry!

The only thing that surprised me was my story board highscore... my highes score was something about 390k but it somehow turned into that ridiculously humongous 1 billion. If it can be somehow fixed, it would be great.

I fought mario was to save the mushroom kingdom but a park from yogi bear is saving the mushroom kingdom.

Great game! nice mood, nice design, nice upgrade and game play, thank you!

Some stuffs:

> "Death from laser" doesn't seam to work?
> When fully upgrade character in survival, it's getting repetitive...too bad!
> Story would really benefits of a real story, you've done a great job and we want to know more about characters.

But overall it was really nice to play, thnak you! :)

I think if Mario and Luigi saw this, they'd have a fit. All of these mushrooms could go to them and bestow upon them various powerups and extra lives!

Real talk - this game's pretty dang fun. I know the point is to be attacked by mushrooms and all, but some enemy variety would have been cool, like maybe bonus enemies, akin to the UFOs in Space Invaders or something - nothing really threatening, but tough to hit, and if you do, you get a good bonus.

the ultimate battle between evil 1ups