Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

Fun game. Only complaint is that there's no way to pause, and sometimes the enemies spawn on top of you.

amidos2006 responds:

Just press escape :) it will pause the game :)

Nice game, however the slow characters are just tad too slow to avoid many of the attacks (flying shrooms, bosses charges) the only way to do so is to be at a long range anyway and that's unlikely to happen as you generally don't have time to move to that range as the slow characters.

Also the Fork weapon is almost entirely useless, an increase of range when your basic weapon already has longer range than all but bosses infinite range attacks isn't really all that helpful, specially with no damage or speed boost on it.

Nice game! This game has some similarities to The Binding of Isaac. Not only its control sheme, but also the multiple unlockable characters, a Notch reference, ...

just straight addicting! i have not found any bugs yet, but still, it is additing! love the choices of controls, and seriously, i just love the thing of the easy levels, then it gets harder, and harder, and once you find out the boss' pattern of attack, they become rather easy lol, but anyways, great game!

So addicting and so fun