Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

As always i have a soft spot for pixelated games..like this one.

At first i thought this game was a bit to hard but given it 30 minutes i started to get the hang of it..i´ve spend over 3 hours with this game and have completed every challenge, great fun!

-The difficulty is just right
-Great sounds and music
-Loved the different characters, it made me replay much.

I really wished there was a rapid fire bonus in this though :P

Story mode is basically a survival mode and upgrades feel pretty useless. Not bad otherwise

epic game make a no2

after level 4 it gets too hard

I absolutely loved this game~! Just finished 100%-ing it. The upgrades are actually -balanced- that maxing any particular one can make up for the ones you don't put points into. And the music was just -great-.