Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

i really like the continue system and the stats showing everything. i have an isuue with the upgrades well only one the reload one what does it do? upgrades all in all are kinda useless you only really need to upgrade your weapon to 2-3 strength and then max out luck and then just use shields and lightbulbs? to clear out all of the enemies. cool game though i had fun playing it.

Fun game and I like the concept of shooting a bunch of mushrooms. Only thing that I can negatively is that the bosses are too hard. Either their attacks are extremely difficult to avoid, or in the case of the 2nd to last boss (the steel mushroom) his main attack is near impossible to avoid. Otherwise, challenging and fun game, keep it up.

This reminds me of Pixel Knight

Playing as the zombie or the fat guy was pretty ruthless especially with some of those blue mushrooms which actually go faster than them (so you can't outrun them) or the zippiness of many of the bosses. Last boss is particularly unfair with those two as you must take damage (at least I don't see any way to dodge the 8-way attack with those two) so if you're unlucky with hearts and shields, game over.

Much of the game around the point of the hopping mushrooms and beyond revolves around getting lucky with shields.

Sometimes it could get really frustrating if you had your luck maxed out, destroying tons of chests and yet no heart or shield (because you just got unlucky) even after breaking more than 15 of them and so you die at a boss.

Great game