Reviews for "Alone in the Park"

I think that the menu and the upgrade selection screen should be controlled by wasd keys as well as the arrow keys. You have the ability to change controls for the game before it starts, but you don't have the ability to change the controls once the game has started. I got really far attempting the mouse for example, but I realized that the game has only up, down, left, right places to shoot and also that the mouse doesn't follow your character, so I wanted to change my decision in the later levels but couldn't.

Also there isn't much feedback on what each of the upgrades do. Yes they were obvious, but making a game means making a game for people who are somewhat slower than others as well. There should be just a brief description of what everything does. I mean, in some games weapon would increase the amount of bullets coming from your weapon into a particular direction while in others it increases the strength of the weapon. For all we know it could have increased the range.

Gameplay wise this game does very well with difficulty and the graphics are appealing. There's nothing brag worthy but I enjoyed the game.

the game is great but it has some problems like the enemys can walk off screen some of the enemy can shoot wherever they want while you can only shoot up down left and right but its still a good game to waste time on

I am in love with this game. Seriously. It's so addicting and adorable x3

This Game is Addicting!!!!, just played the 1 level and i got Addicted!!! there must be something special about this game...

Been playing this quite a bit the last couple days. Highly enjoyable, if an infuriating experience at times.

Only real complaint is when the mushrooms spawn right underneath your character so there's no way to avoid them. That, and the final boss is just a pain in the ass. But I suppose that's to be expected. :P

I'll probably continue playing until I either unlock all the characters or rage-quit trying.