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Reviews for "Confound"

I really want to give this game a fair shot because I can see that it may be a pretty interesting game. However there are too many problems with it, as a platformer, for me to continue. Since this is your first game, I'll give you some pointers should you want to make more.

-The controls are much too floaty. You stay in the air much too long, the gravity doesnt feel realistic. The left and right movement accelerates too slow and decellerates too slow, so it feels very very slippery. You should hit full speed and come to a complete stop either very quickly or immediately.

- The hitboxes for the enemies was much too large. Generally as a game design rule, you want positive objects to have a larger hitbox than their size and negative objects to have a smaller hitbox than their size.

The sad thing is that these were really the only problems that I came across, but it was enough to make me not play the game. Good luck with your future projects!

cupnoodles responds:

I appreciate the feedback. I'll take your advice into consideration for my future projects!

It's good but it pissed me off....I get the concept and you deserve some kudos for that - and the music was decent. Nice enough graphics as well. It's just not my sort or thing I guess or I would have given it a 4+ I enjoyed playing for about 30 mins, but after that I'm not that committed to finishing the game.

it was PERFECT untill I reached level 11 and get that Trolling Board then it's get all...meh :p
it's IMPOSSIPLE to finish it not fun

gr8 game, last stages feel like being v v drunk! had too walk away coupla times to avoid rage quitting ;o)

This game did exactly what it seems like it was intended to do..annoy and frustrate every hair off of my head! Despite that, I'm still playing and trying to finish. I can guarantee I never want to attempt this again when/if I finish. All that aside, I think it's very clever! I did notice some issues with the display matching the current directions after going through the beams on level 9 but I guess that's because the timer needs to update for it to catch up. Having to start over after getting past a lot of hurdles is very discouraging so having more spawn areas in each challenge would certainly help. Taking our time, being careful and watching the display may be the keys to winning but you also only have 5 seconds to undergo a plan and sometimes the display doesn't keep up to date.