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Reviews for "Confound"

my head hurts!!!! and my mind is blown!!!!!!!!

Frontpage? 4+ star ratings? What am I missing here? Why do I have to ask so many questions?
This game is not revolutionary and even though this might be your first flash project game there are many reasons to not give this game a 4 star, let alone 5 star rating.

The controls feel kinda stiff, going on a ladder through a narrow spot is kind of awkward. The gameplay itself is not that bad but switching control keys is an idea that is about as old as platformers itself. The music is a basic tune, so are the sound effects. Nothing too special, but I have seen worse.
Definitely not worth a 5 star rating considering that you have chosen a genre with lots and lots of competition and a lot more possibilities that would highly enhance the game.
You are on a good way however and people seem to support your work here greatly for a reason I fail to understand. Maybe you will convince my humble self with your second game.

graaaaa ! an azerty version pleaaaase.
In fact i beat it, just hardore difficult ^^ nice game

The ice cream is a lie!
A mind-bending lie.
But it is a fun lie.

Ouch! My brain really hurts now.

Nice game.... maddening.