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Reviews for "Confound"

Wow, even though this game is crazy hard, its still plain awesome. This is already one of the best Newgrounds game ever!

It is a really cool game I could pass a day trying to figure out how to control the game :S
Is to dificult :S (Really, good job)

I knew that the game seemed too easy/simple at first. I could tell that there was going to be a point where I would have to deal with the up and down keys being inverted as well. It's still an interesting game, because the premise actually is quite original. While it may not have a lot in terms of detail, it's worth checking out. I liked the different songs you used for this too. I guess it makes sense I would play this after playing a game where I racked medals up like mad.

It obviously takes practice. If there are people who are really devoted to this, I imagine they should be able to get pretty far. It's probably one of the largest games I've played in awhile. I guess there probably could have been some more detail. This game was hard enough not to need it, though.

WOW awesome concept got to damn confounding on level 11 5 stars bro