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Reviews for "Confound"

i guess it was good...........

not sure but is the visual controls supposed to be right?? i noticed it mostly on level 11 that they were only right about half the time, which made it very hard to move if near the spike pits as seeing as i was just guessing the controls every 5 seconds....if this is meant to happen to piss people off (then good job) and im not sure why you even have the visual controls lol good game though

cupnoodles responds:

You must be reading the controls the wrong way. The green arrow indicates the direction, and the white text indicates the button you have to press to go that way. It's working just as intended.

it is supposed to be challenging. there is nothing wrong with the controls.
also nice game for a first one, 7/10


Decent concpt, but poor programming means sometimes the visual controls are wrong.