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Reviews for "Confound"

Really nasty little game, wonderfully done. The only problem is that a lot of the time, the display lies about which direction is which and you have to figure it out for yourself, which really sucks on the timer levels. Please fix that and you will have an awesome little masocore game here.

great needs saves points tho (throughout the game i was screaming and panicking )

Very good game, the idea behind is good, but it needs to know the location of all the letter in the keyboard, which I think is not good. In the last level I think could be better if you restrict to few buttons (maybe the four arrows and the WASD) so it would be just about reflexes.

Interesting game. The ladders should be bigger, though. The side movement is so imprecise that it is hard to line up with those teeny ladders.

The concept seems good, but the controls are not responsive, that's essential for a game with altering controls.