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Reviews for "Confound"

This game was quite the challenge, I cant even count how many times I died, but it was fun as hell!

Once the timer started counting down I started just working with two fingers(until lvl21) go in short, small bursts knowing EXACTLY what you want to do for the next 5seconds or so. Wait for timer to change the letters/arrows around, find the two you need(usually jump/left or jump/right) and use those two to get past the obstacle.

There is also one level where you have to ride the elevator up moving left/right to avoid spikes, then there is some middle obstacle(forgot what it was...falling maybe?), followed by having to jump up a bunch of platforms to the door. The cycle for the letters is just a clockwise turn, Up becomes Right, Right becomes Down, Down becomes Left, Left becomes Up, Repeat. Every 5th cycle the directions are "normal" again

cupnoodles responds:

Well observed, sir :)
Most of the times, it follows a pattern, so with a good bit of observation you can figure out the pattern on most levels. Glad you liked the game :D

Great game! But lvl 21 is way hard, If I have to switch my hands from the letter to the arrows I lose a lot of time and don't even make it to the half.

It makes me want to know how to type without looking at the keyboard =(

Awesome game. It is an excellent concept and it's hard to walk away from it. I made myself beat all the levels. Except for level 21. I must be missing something, because I can only make it half way. Please tell me I am.

cupnoodles responds:

Level 21 is all about reflexes. You just have to press the right key as fast as possible. It's difficult, but not impossible. Just don't take your eyes off the visual aid and keep pressing right as fast as you can and you should be able to beat it :)

Good concept, some levels were difficult as hell (in a good way) but the main issue I had was when I pressed the direction that says on the visual aid that it is right or left or up or down, and I end up going in the exact opposite direction.

This game is so confounded! And I LOVE IT!

Pure genius, reinvents everything you know about platformers. In most games your best bet is to hold an arrow key and then press the up button to jump into your momentum, right off the bat I found it far easier and better to jump first and then use some momentum. But this is just one of the few game mechanics that are reversed. I could complain about rebindable keys, but this game is so good it does it for you. Thanks game! ^-^

My few concerns are these: Sometimes my character will move at full speed with just a touch of a button and hit a spike, even though I would barely tap the control, and also spice up the music or something. I think in the menu there should be a programmed quality control as well as the ability to turn off sound or music. With me I don't listen to game music while playing because I find it far easier to concentrate with only the sounds that are represented on the screen. Also climbing ladders and going through doors was a pain in ass because floor would block the way too easily and also the hitbox for the doors wouldn't register near the door, but exactly on the door itself. Other than that, good game.

I enjoyed level 20 and picked up the best strategy nearly instantaneously; but I don't think it was my brain alone that made this possible. With each experience you teach a new concept and force us to look and measure a problem with a new direction and a new tactic; but what I love the most is that although things may change the strategy to beat this game is simple: survey and then act. Survey the environment, the key changes. The idea of prioritizing directions at certain zones, counting down the seconds. The first things you should look at is the keys, and then react if you have studied the predicament long enough. I love this concept. It feels new (though I'm certain it isn't) and it feels good. When you fail you know why, and if you are smart you will try again.

I loved the game, loved the title, loved the design. I felt the sliding was necessary for the quick speed you needed at very particular segments. (The end would be impossible without the provided slide.)

I must say though, after winning this game I can tell you now: I'm not playing again. This is a once in a lifetime game, but the good news is it is so pleasing to play and win that telling a friend about it is something I definitely could do. This game deserves that attention, and I deserve that sadistic amusement.