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Reviews for "Confound"

Rather Challenging, but short

cupnoodles responds:

I might add an extra level pack or Time Trial mode in the future if the game gets enough views :)

Awesome game you present here, sir.

The concept is very good. I already saw it before, but never that well realized.
Here, even when it's difficult, it's always possible to find a way to avoid the embushes. It just needs concentration, patience, and everything in your body focused on coordination and reactivity.
I liked how you arranged safe places, and the fact that the levels are more a succession of well distincted difficulties than a path you must chain without stopping. And I guess it's more standable like that, avoiding too much frustration from the player.

I also liked a lot how you go straight to the essential : no long story, no misplaced tutorial, no death or rebirth cinematic, etc. Just some boards you're free to take time to read or not, and immediate respawns. In a game where it's very easy to die, and on which repetition and chaining are essentials, I find it brilliant.

Good job also on the structure of levels and the evolution of difficulty, which is, in my opinion, very well thought. I found the last levels very difficult, particularly the last one, in its own genre, as you incorporated the arrow keys :P
About the pause level, I also found that a great idea and it was very well made as it didn't break the succession, because, even for an easier level, it has its difficult side.

Here is what striked me in your little game, and what gave me the envy to write another review (didn't do it for months !) and to play it till the end. For a first real project, I strongly wanted to salute your clairvoyance and your good taste on these practical and mechanical aspects of your submission.

I neglected a bit the external side of it, because it seemed a bit secondary for me, and not really peculiar. Graphism are classic, retro and purged, I'm ok with it, even if they don't look particularly original. They suit well to the game. The control screen was clear to read. And the musics were well chosen.

Finally, that's a really good game in my opinion. Rather original, and most of all, perfectly realized. For a first one, it's a true success. I checked your page but didn't see any other submission. I hope you'll show us something else, I'll welcome your future works with pleasure :)
Good luck ;)

cupnoodles responds:

Thanks a lot. For a game developer, it's positive feedback like this that keeps me going. Thanks for taking the time to write this review, I appreciate it very much, and I will definitely keep making games!
About the graphics, they are quite simple indeed, because I actually made them all by myself, and I'm no real artist. (Still trying to find one to help me out).
I'm going to start on a new project soon, so stay tuned, because in a month or two it should be ready. If you enjoyed this one as much as you seemed to have done, you'll probably like it too.

Well, this is diabolical. Well done.

If I had any problem, it'd be that climbing ladders is like threading a needle. You can hang to the left or right side of the ladder and still go up or down with no problem, but when you get to the floor, you have to be spot on or you can't get thru. The opening to get thru floors when on, or trying to get on a ladder is annoyingly tight when the controls are normal. If you opened up the area needed to get thru the floor, it'd help tremendously.

Also, spelling errors:

-At the beginning, when he's telling about the directional indicator, he says it's in the upper "rihgt"
-At the first timed level, the last screen says it's getting "though" instead of tough.

I stopped, but I don't know what level. You might want to add the level number somewhere. Then if someone has questions, instead of "that level where the spikes are there, but you go with the keys, but not the WASD ones..." you can know it's level 12.

cupnoodles responds:

Thanks. I appreciate the feedback! I'll fix the typos and look into the other issues as well!

My judgement has been passed. This game is unbelievably awesome. Many people have used the idea of gravity shifting and reversed controls before, but you took it a step farther. You put gravity shifting and fluctuating controls together to create a challenging yet addicting gaming style, along with smooth movement and clear graphics to allow the player to focus on the tasks at hand and not making sure some glitchy controls make them jump to far, too short, too low, or too high. I feel that this game was overall great, and had a decent difficulty slope throughout it right up to the final level with the controls alternation every second until the gravity shift that would kill the player. This is simply a great game and would be a shame if it did not pass judgement. Keep up the fantastic work!

Oh god, wow, this is really good.. Thanks so much for bringing another Flixel game into the newgrounds community..