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Reviews for "Confound"

Too hard to control the character. It is more noticeable when going up/down a ladder. It became totally impossible for me to continue to play when I get to the left/right control reverse stage.

cupnoodles responds:

Thanks for the feedback. A lot of people were complaining about the controls being too slippery as well, so I think you'll be glad to know that I reworked the player's movement, it should be a lot smoother now.

Collision detection is terrible. Controls are ridiculously loose. It's unplayable in this state.

cupnoodles responds:

I Fixed the collision detection.

Brilliant game, the challenges seemed very well thought-out. The only issue I had was that the hit boxes on the triangle enemies seem to be a little big and imprecise, but it's hard to tell because you die so quickly and don't really have time to look over what happened and think about what could be done better. If the hit boxes are a little bigger than they should be I'd recommend spending a little time making them more precise. Besides that the rest of the game is really brilliantly hard, it's the kind of frustrating that is fun. Almost each and every time I died I felt like it was my fault for not stopping to think about exactly what was going on, so I did my best to improve. Ideally that's what a good video game will do. You made a good video game.

cupnoodles responds:

Thanks for the feedback. People were pointing out that the hitboxes seemed too big, so I reduced them a little bit. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

I really admire your game. This is what i call a real Skill-Platformer game.

The gravity is kinda unrealistic. I noticed this in the gravity room, i cannot explain it, go see it for yourself.
The enemies hit you like they are 1/2 bigger, so do spikes.

Although, nice game 4/5. Keep it up!
Completed all the levels, i gave you 4,5 because the 21st level was very original.

5 Stars indeed, this is a great game! At first the graphics seemed a bit simple, and the physics could have been better when you're walking over a ladder. Still, the simple graphics were a good choice, since it's a game concept I have never seen before - this way you could concentrate better. Also the controls of the game were very easy to grasp.