Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

All my 5 to this, maybe not Flash but Animation after all.
Excellent ambientation and staging, excellent use of postprocessing, excellent rigging, IMHO animation lacks something, just a little bit, but is not bad at all, is really good; elements like secondary action and follow through are well executed. The stage animation was definitely well used.
I don`t know why this hit number 3, should be 1 of the week.

I'm too lazy to read all the comments to see if this question has been asked, but can you please tell more about the software you used?

VERY WELL MADE! Best animation Ive seen here in a long time.

very romantic loved it... in know this 3d stuff is great in it's own way but an anime adaption would be great but that's just my personal preference^^ keep up the good work :)

It is amazing the expressions you achieved to give the characters. Let's not even mention the childhood memories about "trigun" that are afloting. But what really got my eye are the slow-mo scenes, the last one in particular, the shot, the hair, the earring, it was just...sublime. Thank you for shareing this piece, things like this should make you realize what a bright future you have. Still I can't give you a 5/5 since it had an end, sad thing.