Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

You did all of this minus the music!? AMAZING! With the spectacular graphics and simple but intriguing plot I can't give this less then a five star rating. Fantastic Job!

No words can describe this. It's bloody fantastic! I've been on Newgrounds every day for years and I've never seen something as great as this.

Sooo...when are ya starting in Hollywood?

this is very well made the kind of thing thats like is this guy prograde none the less it really good this is the kind of thing that you could make a name for your self with go on and become great

Nice and all. But I mainly wrote a comment to say this. Ending = RIP OFF!!! Anyone ever seen Wolf's Rain? The ending is the silhuette of a wolf running to the left for the duration of the credits. Obvious rip off, but I mean... it's not all bad. Hollywood rips off things all the time. Quentin Tarantino, one of the most brilliant scriptwriters ever takes inspiration from all sorts of things, paying homage to stuff he loves, so why shouldn't anyone else be allowed to take a bit of inspiration? This was cute.

amazing! storyline, character, really good, i see potential, ever thought about doing animation proffessionaly?