Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

5 stars for smooth 3D, details (dust particles, reflections and all) and physics.

This was really good and you have a lot of potential. The only thing that disturbs me is the fact that it was unoriginal. For example the typical train chase scene, the about to get hit with the tunnel, and the victim saving the hunter. It wasn't bad at all, and it was pretty epic and well done. I'll give it all my 5 stars.

make a real movie cartoon of this it is really epic

ninja flip LIKE A BOSS

The models, rigs, and textures are superb. I have one complaint however (though it is a significant one): The character animation. Something tells me this is not your forte. Both Kyu and LenZ seem to float and slide around the train compartments as though gravity is not a constant and there exists little to no friction. The animation is a little... TOO smooth, if you know what I mean. I can only assume that being a college project, you were under a time constraint so I would take it as no surprise that you relied on automatic tweening and had a general lack of reference footage to rely on. Regardless, excellent display of work.

....okay I lied. I thought the story was bland and boring. Whatever, not so important but it was short and sweet so I can't complain that it wasted my time.