Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

amazing! storyline, character, really good, i see potential, ever thought about doing animation proffessionaly?

Visuals were amazing. No doubt you put a LOT of time into surfacing, post production and compositing. I didn't care for the character design, but that's just my opinion.

Audio was alright.

I must be one of the few people that think the animation was downright terrible... it ruined the whole thing. See, when you pair up fancy visuals with poor storyboarding and low-quality animation, all that work you put in the visuals goes into the trash. Most 3d animators don't understand this. BALANCE PEOPLE!

If you do future productions, see if you can't BALANCE the quality level of visuals and animation/motion elements. You can hide poor animation behind fancy models, motion blur, lots of bloom, fancy procedural technical animation (floaty hair) etc, but it will only ever result in content that people will praise you briefly for, then forget you ever made anything.

I'm being harsh because you have so much potential, and I hope to see more content from you here on Newgrounds.

I thought it was amazing! not only have i NEVER seen graphics like that, Everyone keeps talking about the story perhaps its because i read the DESCRIPTION before to know what was happening, It was amazing, so cute. One of my top favourite things i've ever watched. 5 stars


That is so cute at the end...