Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

It's sort of weird story to me, but I think the amazing graphics and animation definetly earn it 5 stars. I havn't seen anything this detailed before! You aren't going to tell us how long it took to make it??

I loved the animation. How could I not right? The visuals were great. The train was fantastic. The movement of the characters was smooth. Very pleasing to look at.
Now for the story. Not much there in my opinion. I understand it was never ment to be a narrative, but it would have been nice if the interaction between the two characters didn't feel so forced. When the male character was noticed by the female character and made that stereotypical anime "Oops" smile, i couldn't help but say "ugh" out loud.
This was a example that great animation isn't everything. A well written plot would have made it a home run.

I'm giving this a 3, because this is truly the best 3D animation i have ever seen on newgrounds.

the screeming patriot would make more sense but, few things
fagot was used, use some smart words when saying smart things
he is kinda bias, shown pretty blatantly
he made that account less then 24 hours ago, i found the animation quality rather great, the story, simple but powerful. the action was well executed without overstraining how much a love story could handle. and you overall did a very good job

Pretty High quality Effects! Musta taken you a lot of time to make this, Its pretty frickin awesome!

70% of newgrounds is still faggot based and here are the reason why:

-Most critics on newgrounds rate material strictly by the time and effort put into the visual quality of the animation rather than the substance put into the animation

-A lot of newgrounds animations have been heavily downgraded regarding animation quality rather than the story itself, and I've seen it happen many times before where good quality story driven films were downgraded STRICTLY because the animation wasn't consistent or the visual quality of the animation wasn't in good quality.

- Cheap humor runs newgrounds. The same ideas in most of the comedy flashes have been done many times before but are just in higher quality which makes most of the newgrounds critics flock to them to drop 5 stars in their lap.

*And for the 20% of us on newgrounds that want all of this to change, let's blam these pieces of crap *

I gave you a 2.5 rating because this animation only shines quality wise. The script is complete crap is so is the story that drives this animation.