Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

This video was superbly animated. I personally am interested in seeing a sequal.

This is really good. Almost as good as Square-Enix's graphics!


I loved every aspect of this...so incredibly HD as well! There's probably only 2 other 3D movies I've watched on Newgrounds, but after today, you're at the top in my books. The scenery was so realistic and detailed and I love your character designs. Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for anime, or maybe it's because it ended in love or maybe it's because it's incredibly late right now, but goddamn, it was terrific.

great stuff, really great stuff!

Newgrounds has evolved before my very eyes. This is the single most impressive animation that I've ever seen on this site in 8 years of service / enjoyment.

The quality of the video is first rate, as is the animation style, with incredible design, plus the statement at the start made me reflect upon the fact that everything moves independently, unlike the bulk of the animations that we usually see here. Lavish attention to detail, plus the fact that it's rendered in 3D (or 2D+, compared to things like Avatar), means that this is really at the cutting edge of the industry and that you've raised the bar dramatically.

The two characters were fantastic, with very little said (the occasional grunt or gasp was all we heard from them, but that's perhaps something set up for next time, when the bounty hunter teams up with Lenz and goes rogue. I love the plot and the fact that the combat has such detail, which doesn't expose so much of it, culminating in the pair teaming up, with Lenz saving the bounty hunter's life.

The use of paper, pinned to the walls for bounty notices - something that's unheard of, even in cities these days, but it worked so well in the way that Lenz ripped the wanted poster from the wall and tried in vain to disappear from her view. Clever, but not quite clever enough.

I would love to see you make more of this. I'd love to get to know the characters and find out just how Lenz became wanted and what the authorities do about the rogue agent, as she now seems to be.

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