Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

A great animation in my opinion. Mainly due to that I can't do 3D animations. The one thing that stood out to me animation-wise is how the characters were running. They ran a little too slow for running. And for some of the actions such as the guy picking the girl up felt slow. But all this is just me, I'm a little meticulous when it comes to art and animation.

This is BEAUTIFULLY written and created I would also like to personally thank you and your team! :3
The CGI was beautiful and smooth (also crisp) and was wondering what you used to create it?
The ending was cute and sweet
P.S. loved the CAT EARS!!!1!
P.S.S. the first time I watched it thought the female was the wanted one and got really confused X3
And if I could I would give you 1,000,000,000,000/5

Absolutely phenomenal. Gorgeous animation (some eons ago I used to dabble in 3d animation using 3dsmax and Blender so I know what sort of feat this type of product is).

The expressions are organic and the detail is impressive to say the least. It should also be applauded that you did your job as a storyteller rather well- as a viewer I was captivated by the unfolding events and feel as if I've been dragged into a whole new universe.

I truly agree with sof-dominator. This should become either a full length feature film or at least a series. Hell, if you put something up on kickstarter, I'll throw money at it (just pm me if you do).

Kudos, keep up the excellence.

3 stars for good 3d animation, but generic environments, too shiny looking. The story was dull, cliche. What kind of bounty hunter straight up shoots there target without even trying to anything peacefully first? Don't get me wrong, the animation is great, just get better at the other aspects such as plot.

On a side note not affecting my rating: Furries are the only fetish that people want to share with the world. Please stop it. It is arbitrary; to be honest having humans would be more fitting in this setting. Just as robots would fit in a robotic setting, or as exotic animals would fit in a jungle setting.
tldr: Don't use furries for the sake of using furries; use them if it is important to the story, or some other necessity.

i saw the two people and i tried to decide which one i wanted to root for and then that ending completely blew me away :D fantastic dude you should make a full length movie