Reviews for "Bounty + Hunter"

Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely captivating! The quality of the video was just astounding. You seemed to capture every single movement of everything in precise detail. For such a short story I was utterly hooked and found myself having to rewind sections to see everything that was happening! Please make more!

Just wanted to say this really inspired me to make my own characters and experiment with them. I really loved the animation, and I would love to find out more about the city the film's set in! Do more characters live there or is it deserted? Amazing effort, well done!!

Loved every part

Ok. This is a hard one to review because there was a lot of good but quite a bit of bad as well.

Good- The environments modles and texturing was wonderful the train looked top notch and the entire thing had wonderful detail.

Bad- The characters were too cartoonish they didn't fit with the backgrounds (to fix this I'd suggest a better skin shader). Or vise-versa the backgrounds needed to be simpler they just needed to match in style better.

The animation was well done not perfect but dam good.

The only problem I have with the script is when she causes part of the train to blow up. After this they both get sucked out as if the train is pressurized. So this leads to 2 options 1) the train is so high up there's a lack of oxygen or 2) the train is moving so fast its causing a vacuum. However since both of them seem to be able to leave the train and stand on the roof without a problem this shoots down both those options and leaves me scratching my head.

All in all an Excellent animation and better than I can do as of yet nice job.

This is ike an epic futuristic Ego City. Yet, something all new; an awesome new animation start for you. It could use a tad-bit of work with exciting stuff that happens; length, but still, good fight scene.