Reviews for "Ink Battle"

A very cute and interesting game. I've never seen a game before where everything is centered around typing skills, so that made the game very interesting and new to play. I also liked all the cool little things you could buy in the store. While this is a very cute and addicting game, there are some things that I think you could do to take it to the next level.
It did get harder as it went along, but not as much as I had hoped. I feel that if you expanded the story further and added a little subplot to each level then it would make it even more interesting and challeneging to play. If the background story of ink blotts roaming around ruining books was developed further it would be a much cooler and more in-depth game.
all-in-all, cute, short little game that was defintiely new and engaging. good job :)

Pretty good, but a little bit easy. Overall I like the concept for the game, would be very interested to see it built upon.

Very fun game.

However, a couple things.
The game would call "victory" as in "Game over" before I even completed all 12 levels.
Also, it was quite easy. It had a good flow to it, but still very easy.

I just got upgrades for the sake of completion, not because i needed them. But as another poster said, you could beat the game with just specials over and over again.

The concept was great and I am hoping for a bit more strategically intense sequel. keep up the good work!

Really fun game, though I wish it was both harder and longer. The instructions at the beginning were a little unclear, i thought i just had to type the words, (not dot and special) but once I figured it out gameplay was fun. Good job :)

easy game, considering who's playing this stays the whole day typing on messengers.
also, every game is easily won by Strong+Special, and a Strong+shooter behind

and with LotR book, all i needed was strong+special