Reviews for "Ink Battle"

The game is definitely good. The graphics is excellent, the objective of the game is clear, and the game play is excellent.

Some problems are the repetitiveness of the game, and the lack of the increase of the difficulties.

Very fun way to help your typing speed and spelling.
I found one problem though,
On the last level, "Rebuttar" is not a registered word, though it shows the scrap of paper for it.

Fun! Really challenged my typing especially near the end, but they never got to touch my base so I found it a bit easy. Could be longer too :-D

This is very fun, I like that type of concept.
It's a pitty this is so easy, I've almost never been hit by the ennemy...
Greetings anyway, I enjoyed it

Very good game for what it is, if your making this for children however you may consider filtering some of those word, i had pimp, voyeurism, and some others there akin...