Reviews for "Ink Battle"

I kicked unholy amounts of ass at this game, but that's jusr because I'm far too good at typing. It's an excellently put together game, solid upgrades and level design. Of course, I found it too easy, and thus a little short, but hey, that's just me.
Nice going.

Amusing game and a good quick distraction, if nothing else. You did a good job of pairing something simple (typing game) with an interesting advance wars kind of concept. Well done.

I'm not usually a fan of type-based gaming, but this was very well done. Good art, programing seems alright, and it was a lot of fun. A good twist on a two types of gaming, and I really enjoyed it.

It could be a bit harder, and longer, but if a sequel comes out, I'll be sure to play.

this was a pretty good game, although i think you could have made it a bit harder tough. And maybe some more chracters to type.

I remember playing this two years ago and i forgot the name so i couldnt play it and i spent like half of those two years trying to remember the name. So now ive finally found it..... and its still fucking awsome. although it is kinda short...