Reviews for "Ink Battle"

Pretty fun, but kinda short. More upgrades would've been nice, specifically the ability to upgrade each individual unit.

excelent game, i really enjoy it, also love the temathic and the way to invocate troops, 4.5 stars, because after a while it get a little boring

I found it pretty fun! Great time sink. It helped me get my typing skills up after an injury to my hand as well. Thanks for that lol

Great game, only thing that could make it better is slightly clearer instructions and it would be nice if the "special" word would change with each book.

A little on the easy side. I didn't find it difficult to get a special unit with strength and armor before the enemy was even halfway across the battlefield. An armored, strengthened special unit overpowers the enemy. I think I only lost one on the last level, and by that time the enemy base was almost destroyed. Other than that, very good.