Reviews for "Ink Battle"

I guess you have to be a fast typist to be able to win this game, which sadly I am not, but good concept.

What the fuck dude. I don't know what the default troop is called and i cant find it in the game. I can only find the once that you have to unlock whit gold. I am not going to sit here and guess what the fuck the damn troop is called. This damn game is unplayable. The art looks good and all. But still i have no idea what the damn troop is called so no fuck that 1,5 stars for art. Nuff said.

Impossible to play.
HOW TO PLAY?! if you have 0gold, how you buy a unit and you PLAY?! On the first level YOU DON'T have any ANY person to kill the ink.


no starts this game doesnt even tell you what to do... i dont know what the fuck i'm doing here... i typed all the word and yet the fucken ink still gets me... horrible game... you should put SOMETHING that shows you what to type to kill the ink... worthless game!!!