Reviews for "Ink Battle"

Very fun! Two things I noticed that didn't seem right, though:

1. The levels advance even if you don't beat the furthest one along. Example: I beat level 1, then I beat level 2, but instead of going to level 3, I replayed level 1 to get more money. When I got back to the level select screen though, level 4 had been unlocked as though I had beaten level 3. Furthermore, after level 12 was unlocked, I played level 11, and when I won, it said I beat the game.

2. The "strong" and "armored" bonuses carry over into the next level you play if you don't use them in a current level. I had already typed "armored" and "strong" in one level, but before I could summon the next unit, the one I already had on the field destroyed the inkwell. When I sent out a dot at the beginning of the next level, it had the bonuses even though I hadn't typed them for that level. I suppose this could have been on purpose, but I wanted to mention it in case it wasn't.

You should see about making later levels be longer, have more units and upgrades, and maybe even working in some sort of multiple path system. Sort of see what you can take from tower defense games.

there's an easy way to win, go crazy on level one 13 times

This was an enjoyable game overall, but it really had no challenge to it at all. I literally beat the entire thing without upgrading any of my equipment or buying anything. I would up the challenge if I were you for the next one.

The idea is awesome,could be a little harder,the enemy spawn timer is too long.Imagine this game whit german words l0l.

Fun game. Little easy for my speed touch typing but still a fun game :) well done.