Reviews for "Ink Battle"

Really enjoyed it, great game :)

While I absolutely, I quickly picked up on somewhat of a glitch that proceeded levels even if I only played level one over and over. I actually won the entire game this way. Perfect other than that and any other glitches found by others.

It's good, but it feels too much like a demo. It's beyond easy. The enemy needs to spawn faster and maybe stronger enemies. Could use more levels, upgrades and enemies. Words too, many words get repeated.

How about punishing for spelling wrong?

And typing in "pause" should pause the game. I shouldn't have to use the mouse. Same with menu, mute/music/sound.

THe game is cool gives a lot of practice but i do not need practice.
Original comcept but no idea.
like the guy below said much better with these upgrade

Good game but a bit too easy, once I got to level 4 I only used two units per level. Harder levels and more upgrades would've made it great (I'm a sucker for upgrades). Still though, better than anything I could've done, and great fun. Good job.