Reviews for "Ink Battle"

Hey, a typing game that's actually fun! That's pretty cool.
I never thought my touch-typing skills would be useful for gaming, heh.

This is good. It's different to the usual, and the upgrades are innovative.
If I must complain, it's a little easy, and maybe if there were more commands or level designs it would be more interesting.

awesome game, but easy and few levels.

A good game, but, as an Irish person, who speaks non-American English, it was a bit tedious to have to omit the "u" from neighbour, and substitute all the 's'es with 'z's. Also, being from a medical background, spelling "Gonorrhoea" as "Gonorrhea" was a bit odd as well... A surgeon general's warning to flag up the American English would be useful! ;)

Great idea, nice game, but like the others said, it's way to easy. Try to make the enemy spawn more faster and with more damage and resistance.
I mean, if the player can choose to "strong" or "armored", why not the AI?

This is a very easy game... but the instructions were unclear. According to some of the reviews below, people agree. Here's how to play: The words above (Dot, Special, etc) are units, later, powerups and little helpful things. Specials are stronger units depending on the book (castle) you have. Dots are weaker units. You can get new books in the upgrade screen (after the wave, there's 1 wave per level). However, you only have enough to summon a Dot. Type in the words that keep appearing for more mana. Remember to summon units to use up your mana!

As for a real review: Too easy (for the sake of completion, I grinded for the upgrades), instructions are too unclear. I can tell you tried making it harder because the words became longer as the game progressed and the enemy having new units (such as having a turret in level 12) but it's still too easy.