Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Pretty good

It was a pretty good game overall, but i went through the game with tons of extra cash, and nothing to spend it on. I used the sniper rifle the whole game, in my oppinion it was WAY overpowerd. I was left wishing for more things to buy, like traps, or maybe the ability to buy upgrades, instead of one every level.

Rank 167 all time though, haha. Good game.

All too easy.

For best results: Buy the sub machine gun when you have enough and put a point into pierce and damage. Then save up for the machine gun (don't worry about the other guns, you can buy them later if you really want) and put all your extra points in machine gun. There, that was easy.


game difficulty too hard to get past wave 12

Too Easy

i think you need changes
you need harder levels
you can beat the game by just using the pistol
you should add more weapons


Contrary to Roxore the starting weapon is very good, I only have 1 point into all three categories and it's still as good as the M16 with no upgrades you just have to aim for headshots which is effortless in this game.. Speaking of the M16, It just tears through infantry once it is fully upgraded and when it isn't even fully upgraded. The Power of the SAW without it's bad accuracy is basically the M16. Overall pretty good game but has no point once you buy all the guns.