Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Good concept...

...and well executed. I would have liked to see the upgrade system have a bit more depth, like an accuracy stat, reload speed upgrade, or possibly a turret system. All in all though, a nice, simple time killer.

Pretty Cool

Pretty sweet game, but I think it could do with more weapons to purchase, and maybe upgrades on things like accuracy and reload time. It seemed like after you get the Sniper Rifle, the other guns weren't really worth getting.
But I did like it and ended up playing it for a while.


how can 1 guy take don an ENTIRE army w/ only a M16 and a USP?
other than that good job!

Good game, but...

Ok, so this is a pretty fun game. Nothing too new, nothing too interesting, but hey, what can you expect?

But where the hell is the reloade-button if you don't use an american or english keyboard? I use a swedish one, and that particular key doesn't even exist (or rather, there is a key there, but with a different function, and it sure doesn't reload my weapon)

Well... Easy... 7 stars

Heres what you have to do!
Keep the points for 2 levels and hang on with the pistol!
3rd level get sub machinegun and fully upgrade damage.
(now headshot kills instandly)
4th level upgrade your magazine (just for a litle bigger waves)
5th level upgrade penetration (is it called like that? :S)
Now you have a fully powerfull auto gun
fully upgrade magazine
then fully upgrade penetration....
Then what youll see is a sub machine gun turn into a minigun!!! that changes magazines really fast!

And thats why i give you seven.. Ten if i really had to change guns to save time before i "lose" .. :S