Reviews for "Duty Hill"

FAR too easy.

I picked up the sniper rife and upgraded it's firepower to max within the first three rounds. Everyone and at least the two people behind them died in one shot, and after I got maxed out magazine size (24 four rounds!!!) it was just me randomly clicking the screen watching everyone die like they where made out of paper and broken glass.

Great game

Well, I gotta say I enjoyed it very much, but, as others have said, after you upgrade the sniper rifle the game becomes too easy.

Maybe if we had to purchase the upgrade points the game would have been a greater challenge.


Its good but would have been better if you had more to spend money on and the only gun you need is the AR I kicked Ass all game with it.

Pretty good

It was a pretty good game overall, but i went through the game with tons of extra cash, and nothing to spend it on. I used the sniper rifle the whole game, in my oppinion it was WAY overpowerd. I was left wishing for more things to buy, like traps, or maybe the ability to buy upgrades, instead of one every level.

Rank 167 all time though, haha. Good game.

hello ever body

its a good game but need to make the game more longer because buy the big gun then shot it for not long then like i said good game needs to last longer