Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Too easy, but fun

Like a lot of people have said, it is much too easy to complete with the sniper rifle, and you end up with a lot of useless money well before you complete it.

Having said that, I did enjoy playing it through to the end; on a basic level it "plays well" so to speak.

Perhaps making the enemies smarter - being able to strafe, and hide behind the cars and whatnot - and making the better weapons have only limited ammo that you have to buy between the waves would improve the game overall.

You know how...

Annoying it is when you can't choose when to reload? My keyboard is not the same, so my reload key is... unfindable, and probably far away from all the other controls. VERY annoying.

I can't give a proper review because of this, so yeah. :/

Too repetitive

Same thing over and over as soon as you get the railgu...err.. sniper rifle. No, seriously, I tried to use other weapons and failed instantly, sniper rifle is the only thing you really need out there.

Sound is a bit annoying after 3-4 rounds.


Hah, got up to about 20 levels in, spent all points in SMG

Fuck you for making them start firing at random from the entire field away.

Good game ...

This is a very good game and i had fun ... However its way too easy. What i mean is i got the sniper rifle right away and nobody could get like 2 ft in the map before i killed them. Do a balance, maybe a bit more RL time of the sniper rifle(cause when you get the clip upgrade its too good). The pistol is useless(maybe a bit more power). The other 2 are ok no need to change anything. And add a bit stronger unit like some sort of Boss that is not as easy to kill. Those are my thoughts, hope you dont take them the wrong way. Overall 7/10