Reviews for "Duty Hill"

well. . .

if you just keep upgrading the pistol, it's a lot easier

P.S. nice game :-)

I love snipers

woot! beat the whole damn game with just sniper rifle! cept the first lvl of course.

Not bad!

Quite your typical defense game.
Short on weapons, but the upgrades has been helpful.(I maxed the sniper)
It's fun and make you go again and again to kill time!
And i got most of the medals in one sitting! Actually the Headshot master was the last... I was hoping to get it all by the time i finished!

I thought at first the title was "COD" which dragged me into it lol!


Fantastic game, it was really fun and kind of challenging, I love everything about it, But the main thing that stood out to me was the animation it was great it looked like you took a box of clay and crafted this game out of it. Overall no complaints fantastic game.

assault rifle ftw :D nice game too :D