Reviews for "Duty Hill"


but i think it need to have an exp system and an option to speed up the reload


haha,for a defense game this one was quite easy,took down all waves with just a pistol and got all medals in 1 game XD

the surroundings was very good,sound effects were a good match and the details on the enemy troops are very good.

Overall you made a very nice game

You did a very well job my friend. Only had one problem was that the R button wasn't the reload button but I can look over it for I've been playing this thing forthe last half-hour and it took me abotu ten minutes in to figure out what button to push. But once more tis a small problem so I'm over looking it. I just want a game that sucks me and and lets me play for hours on end. If you can do that you get a 10 in my book. Well done dude

awesome. very enjoyable

loved mowing down platoons of soldiers, whoever made this game should truly look into a zombie game kinda like this. i just feel like hordes of zombies > soldiers


Maxed out P90=Pwnage.