Reviews for "Duty Hill"

it's an okay game

It works as it is, but I have two pieces advise: Give more than one weapon point per level; right now one only gets enough to fully upgrade one weapon, and by upgrading the sniper rifle, one does not need any other weapon.

the second advise is: remap the reload button; it's al well and good that it is easy for you to find it, but on my keyboard that button is an 'Æ' and is located over by the 'return' button... it cost me a couple of tries to find that out. Since there is no need to change away from sniper rifel it was okay, but annoying that I could not find it without pressing every key on my keyboard.

no option to return to menu after you die...

This is a decent, basic defense game...except that when you lose a round you are forced to re-fight it with no option to use your accumulated cash to improve your load-out (or even to return to main menu). Given the otherwise polished nature of this game, maybe this was an attempt to be "different" or "realistic", but really it just ruins it for me. Fix that, and you would get an 8 or maybe even 9.

Nice but shallow

Very nice graphics; responsive controls; simple and fun

Far too easy. Won game simply by upgrading the second gun; Odd choice of reload key; gun upgrade system flawed in that you could only fully upgrade better weapons, if purchased, by saving all points until you bought them.
Adding: NO enemy variety or the need to employ different tactics and weapons. NO new levels and environments.

That's it?

You should better add health and reload upgrades cause all weapons except pistol are lame so there's no pint upgrading those. Since there are more and more better enemies I'd like to stay alive longer right?

Old concept Sniper is OP Strawberry jam is stupid.

It's about average, better done then other defense games like it granted but still pretty done, and playing through it I tried out all the different weapons and after having them all and upgraded most of them I only ever Used the sniper rifle because it can shoot so fast (semi-auto) has next to unlimited piercing, does 1-2 shot kills, and has NO (or next to no) bloom making it impossible to miss with

Now I was going to give this a 7
but then the crap hit the fan, or more properly the strawberry jam hit the screen
I was trying out the other guns to see if anything could best the sniper rifle (no they can't) and while trying that and a sniper shot me while I wasn't really paying attention and trying to aim, and the screen got gushed over
what kind of moron came up with the mechanic of "Well he's about to die and needs to really pull off something awesome to get out of it... so instead of playing epic music or making things lose a bit of color and putting a flashing red border or a beeping sound, LET'S JUST TOTALLY BLIND THEM"

because yes, when someone shoots you in a game like this, it makes perfect sense to make it so you can't see what the heck you're doing -sarcasm-

all that being said, I think I've made my point clear for my score
and before anyone rages "oh your score sucks"
it's a 6
that's ABOVE average
and compared to other masterpiece games on this site that's actually being honest (if not generous)

I see others say more guns and variety and I will agree with that, but I would rather see balance come before variety, put some time between shots on the sniper for crying out loud, (and some small bloom on the pistol because that one is also pretty broken)