Reviews for "Duty Hill"

Too repetitive

Same thing over and over as soon as you get the railgu...err.. sniper rifle. No, seriously, I tried to use other weapons and failed instantly, sniper rifle is the only thing you really need out there.

Sound is a bit annoying after 3-4 rounds.

ok i guess

For those about to play. Get the sniper rifle as fast as possible and upgrade it. It is really the only convienent weopon. It cuts right through their lines like butter. Upgrade the ammo first the worry about damage.

Weapons need more balance.

Beat the game with a pistol, really no need to switch weapons especially with how easy headshots are. Upgrade penetration first and you're taking out 3+ people in a single shot, add damage/ammo upgrades and you can just fire away with great accuracy.

Besides this, I liked the concept and oddly the art style. Was a bit disappointed that you couldn't see what made each weapon "unique" as you described it until after you bought it. (Since you can't view a weapon's description until bought)


Hah, got up to about 20 levels in, spent all points in SMG

Fuck you for making them start firing at random from the entire field away.

Too easy

It was quite fun and well-made, but the sniper rifle was WAY too overpowered. It should probably cost 30K or so, as it kicks so much ass that even the 15K weapon looks crappy in comparison.