Reviews for "Duty Hill"


It is very good game. It's not to difficult to beet and that's what I like about it. I like this game a lot. The graphics, the guns, and the music are all perfect.

I advise you to put more things like:
A Bullet Proof Vest (Less damage when shot)
A Machine Turret (Last for one wave and can't buy anymore)
A Rocket Launcher
Attachments for the guns
Heavy Armored Solider
Boss Waves (Best on waves 3, 5, 8, and Last)

Overall you made a very nice game

You did a very well job my friend. Only had one problem was that the R button wasn't the reload button but I can look over it for I've been playing this thing forthe last half-hour and it took me abotu ten minutes in to figure out what button to push. But once more tis a small problem so I'm over looking it. I just want a game that sucks me and and lets me play for hours on end. If you can do that you get a 10 in my book. Well done dude

Meh nothing new

Just like The Ambrose said man this is an old thing done once to many. you bring nothing new to the table and it is really repeditive i found myself after 4-5 waves with the sniper and Saw but all i used was the pistol considering how easy it is to get head shots. music is repetitive but nice. graphics are sub par. as stated you misspelled Chernobyl and thats pretty cliche. Honestly i dont see how this made it to the front page.

Nod bad not good.

But my main complain is that the enemies look like uncolored plastic soldiers.
If you are able to make 3d render animation why not make them some colored cloths?
I think soldiers looked really boring. Background is nice but the enemies are just looking too boring.
I also hate games where you have to shoot by clicking mouse constantly. But it's my personal taste.

Standard defend the position game

Not necessarily bad though; well made, just seems like I've played this exact same game several times already.

However, you have more than made up for it by referencing Iron Maiden.