Reviews for "The King's League"

Awesome game! Great mechanics and features. I got all the medals but the "SSSuper" and defeated the king yet I think there should be more story to this. I hope you make a sequel! Thanks :) I give this a game a honest and worthy 5 stars!

I have no idea how everyone is finding this too easy, im getting wrecked by knights in my 3rd battle onward and have no money to improve

why does it cost to scout AND recruit , i used up money to scout and then was 100 short of being able to recruit anyone, so it just ate my money


Awesome game :D

That was fun! I thought it was different and I'm glad the difficulty wasn't too hard for me to complete. It gets frustrating for me in other games because I can't get past a certain level but the challenge for this was just right in my opinion.

Very cool game:)!