Reviews for "The King's League"

Normally not in to this genre, but this one had me glued. Wished it was a longer experience tho..

Wow great game, nice gameplay, nice visuals, great audio.

however, I'd rather skip the days myself, just my personal preference. Hate getting things a day late because I wasn't quick enough to press something before the day goes by...

Fantastic game. Played it all the way through. I think it might be impossible to win without all of the specialty characters, but it was easy enough to get them. Good times.

Definitely one of my all-time-favourites! I love this game :D

Medals are bugged, but other than that, prett great game, finished it twice! If I had to criticize something I guess it's a bit too easy and short... gameplay is fantastic though, very addictive, got SS, then SSS... too bad the medal didn't show for SSS though, but whatever, 5 stars!