Reviews for "The King's League"

Definitely a top game

Unfortunately you lost a point because there's a bug that I exploited by pure accident. You get two reports on your monthly bills and income if the moment you get one you start a quest. You'll lose/gain double, lose in my case because I had the Crusader, the Priest, the Sniper, and the Black Knight all in a party. My monthly expenditure was obscene just for them being lvl 4 or 5 across the board. I wound up not being able to gain money because of this bug, so I couldn't conquer the last territory.

Other than that, this was amazingly fun. Hard to do, took me three seasons because I couldn't figure out why one archer was stronger than all my swordsmen combined, but I figured it out and when I got my uniques I started rocking the boat.


I thought newgrounds hated armaor games

10/10 stars

excellent game
1st season is tough on the first try but once you get the right combination going it gets pretty easy. Still has replayability though. Just needs to be expanded with a few more options most of which has already been said. Very good game I applaud Kurechii.

Rating: SSS
W28 - L2

A lot of fun!

Nicely done!

This game has good graphics, is extremely playable, is fun, easy to pick up, and well worth a gamer's time!

I loved how you provided the player with multiple simultaneous challenges (tournament, quests, and conquering territory), allowed the player to upgrade and personalize their armies, and introduced recruiting (very much like Romance of the Three Kingdoms). The different aspects of the game keep the player interested and involved throughout.

Limiting the active troops to four was probably a very good idea as it prevented the game from becoming all about quantity over quality, and forced the player to develop a martial "personality" (e.g. meatshield in front and ranged weapons in the back or a fast knights that can bumrush). While fairly simple, there is more than enough strategy involved to make the game fun and involving.

My only problem is that the game gets easy too quickly. The second season of the tourney is a cakewalk, which hurts replayability. If you increased the difficulty of the second season opponents, it would make the game much more fun!

My suggestions:
Make finding "epic" recruits a little more difficult or challenging...for the most part a player can just twiddle their thumbs until they pop up - if you had to quest for them or fulfill some challenge it would (IMO) make getting them more satisfying.

Make the optional quests a little more risky. They get pretty easy fairly quickly, but if there an option for risking points or material on difficult quests (e.g. instead of providing a generic one star, a three star, and a four star quest every few weeks, allow the player to pump up the difficulty ratings), it would make them a lot more fun.

Provide a "scouting report" of your opponent's army beforehand and increase strengths/weaknesses of the different classes. This would force the player to tailor their "active army" to whatever group they were fighting, instead of trotting out the same four dudes for every competition. (e.g. you may have to use knights to counter ranged attackers, but use a balanced approach for other enemies)

Allow for easier pausing! I wasted quite a few days trying to click on three buttons at the same time. I personally would have enjoyed the ability to order my troops about in "pause mode."

Good Job!

Loved it

I love this game.
Two bad things though...
-It glitched up and kept a character after I dismissed him.
-It glitched again nad kept most of a menu on the screen after I exited it. I couldn't play after that.
Good game though.