Reviews for "The King's League"

i love this game!

just a little to short.. as soon as you get your elite team and lvl up it's done.. larger teams? new quest and other feature would be cool!

still.. 5/5 and fav!
keep it up!

kurechii responds:

Noted with thanks :)


i found the game fun to play. it was short and engaging. The graphics, music, gameplay all blended together really well.
I also find replay value an issue. i would love to continue playing after defeating the king and still be able to level up my units. Quests can be done while challenging the king but they (quests) get too repetitive.
hoping for a part 2 for this one.

kurechii responds:

Thanks for the suggestions! and glad that you enjoyed the game. :)

Excellent execution

This was a simple, yet very well designed and executed idea, from start to end.

In my opinion, the key elements of the game were on one side the inability to pause the time and play at a slower pace (which meant the game needed the player's full attention) and on the other side the multiple leauges (similar to a "restart with stats" option) which allowed for mistakes and thus for the game to be played a little more casually. Through these two elements the game achieved a nice, balanced experience.

I would have prefered a more medieval design on the interface (it was a little too sterile for my taste) and would really have enjoyed appearance changes when the characters level up... of course, I realize that such an addittion requires extra work, but I am pretty sure it is worth it.

Overall, a very good attempt! Keep at it :)

kurechii responds:

Thank you for your review and suggestions :) Noted*

great game

fun game. it's kind of hard to stop

kurechii responds:

Thanks! Glad that you like the game :)

Fun and Addictive

Really fun yet simple concept. I only have two gripes.
1. Where's the 5th unique character

2. I found that using boxing, chess and archery pretty pointless, if not an uneconomical choice as training choices. They take twice as long as reading, swordplay, and gym, are more expensive and give less stat boosts than the three less expensive training methods despite taking more time and money. Perhaps if you decreased the training time in those toless than three for quicker, yet more expensive boosts might make these more useful, such as making them 4-6 days of traning to get that last stat boost before the next league game.

Outside of those two minor complaints everything else is fun and I enjoyed beating it twice.

kurechii responds:

1. The unique characters are Black Knight, Crusader, Sniper, Wizard, Cleric.
If you would like to know how to get them, you can pm me :)

2. Noted with thanks :)