Reviews for "The King's League"

Addictive, but short.

In general a very nice game with very nice graphis and very nice gameplay, but all in all it's a little too short. If you would include some more territories, upgrades (6 is not enough) and similar stuff, this would be even more successful.
For example, I really could imagine a game like this with different races (like orcs, elves, humans and so on) and the player has to conquer several lands or similar.

Nevertheless a very good game.

Btw, the medal for conquering all territories seems to be broken. I conquered all of them and even in the rating screen it says 10/10 territories conquered, but I still didn't receive the medal....

Very good game

Upon first booting up the game I thought there was no way I could really get too deeply into it, but upon battle after battle I was impressed. Very good game I will save my 10 for when you make a sequel. My only problem is that I made it all the way to SS rank and didnt get a single medal.

A little too short

Aside from the previous reviewer complaints, I hope you make a sequel to this because it feels like it is over just so fast! I thought after you beat the last guy you would advance to the next tournament only to find myself already at the king. Only 8ish fights before the king? That went by incredibly fast. I still had to do about 12 extra stages before my guys could even handle him. And he felt like such a 'first boss,' no real strat required, just pump the knight/horseman on health. It's a damn fine start to something that could be even better though! (Also the wizard needs to be smarter, I find him running ahead of the swordsman a LOT)

Great Game

I love the idea, it's completely sound.
Reading a few of the previous comments, I think a few people are just out of order.
E.g. the one that simply says "F u, this game 'sicks'".

Also, the one where they're pointing out the fact that the badges are worth 0 points. NG never used to have badges at all, and even now, it shouldn't be about the points, it should just be the fact that you have a badge showing an achievement.

I couldn't find any bugs at all, I played through it 3 times, each time with a different combination of units.

The only thing I can think of suggesting (and this is because I'm trying to find some way to criticise the game, no matter how meagre) is to make it a bit longer, for me it only lasted 2 seasons and one battle with the king.

I liked the idea of unique units popping up every so often as well.

I'd say you should definitely do a sequel, the way this story ends leaves it open for a fairly easy sequel.

Oh, and sorry for the essay...

Ive played this

I have played this by the createors website armor games and now I have noticed it on this website and kongregate and hacked arcade games man this games spreads fast. and it rock!!!!