Reviews for "The King's League"

Really fun game

Only complaint I have really is that if you don't manage to win the league the first season, the second season becomes too easy. There's no challenge past the first season.


I was totally amazed by this game. Takes a little to get into but has a REALLY GOOD replayability value. Some things could be added, like more enemy types and classes, but definitely one of the better games of this genre on Newgrounds.

Beat the King...

maybe in the next one we should be able to buy/sell armour and weapons and sail to other lands maybe.

Listen to King's League Soundtrack here! :)

Hello folks! It was a pleasure for me to score the music for "The King's League"!

Thanks again to Yi Wei and Kurechii for this nice opportunity!

Just wanted to say to all the King's fellows and players that if you enjoyed the King's League's soundtrack, you can listen or download it here from my website:


Thanks for reading and good luck for next battle! :)



It's just near impossible to stay out of the negative and maintain it. The expenses are incredibly high and there aren't enough ways to get above the negative. i conquered 10/10 territories and have the best talent. but it's hard to keep my money. i just really want the game expanded. it's so fun, more maps, more enemies. great work.