Reviews for "The King's League"


I got most if not all the badges but theyre all worth 0 points...

On the road to perfect.

I played this game on another site, but I'm posting here to help spread the word about the game & give the developer props. I'm not sure why it was uploaded here without their permission, but I hope that it all sorts itself out in the long run.

I want to be fair to this game, despite not being able to finish it. It's a game I'd like to play more, but I honestly feel that it has a few kinks to work out. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it, and I would recommend it to others.

THE PROS: The game is a training/combat simulator game. You don't actively participate in combat; you ready your troops & then they resolve all conflict automatically. The strategy in this game is how you choose to build your army, how you recruit, and how you train them. Every choice you make builds upon others to determine your position in the tournaments - which are really where you see whether you have done your job. The system is deep, with a number of factors to keep an eye on & a variety of different types of missions. Within the restrictions of this type of game, it's really unique & a stand-out.

THE CONS: The game attempts to capture a real-time strategy element, forcing you to make decisions about your army while the clock ticks. Unfortunately, this can work against you. One wrong key stroke & you lose days at a time, which can cost you dearly in the long run. Taking time to think & plan your decisions can also be costly. Once you start to lag behind, it's difficult to catch up. This makes the learning curve a bit tricky.

I have 2 main suggestions to make this game better:

1) Please put in some way to pause time, so you can view your menus & plan out your decisions more carefully. It's too easy to lose time while thinking.

2) The control system needs some revision, because it's extremely difficult to know whether or not you've make the right selection - which also causes you to lose more time. I found the confirmation of commands a bit confusing, and ended up closing down menus without anything selected & not even realizing my mistake until too late.


Love them game! I think mine may be bugged though cuz i cant change my team... that or i dunno what im doing

awesomely awesome :D

cool game and , the squad in the start is like mine when I owned the king ;)


love the game. i got in top 25% of all scores woot